Masjid Uthman

SATURDay Program

Asslaam u Alaikum,
Alhamdulillah, in Masjid Uthman Weekend program, students are given the opportunity to learn their Islamic heritage as well as the Arabic Language. The class will be divided into two parts focusing on Quran, and on Islamic Studies including the Arabic language.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, this year's class is being held virtually over zoom and google classroom. Therefore students should have a google account. Registration is currently closed and will be returning soon. Please sign up on the waitlist so we can get back to you before the next semester begins

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AGES 4-6

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Start Date - Jan 16 th

Registration - Closed for Spring 2021 - Please add name to Waitlist

Course starts Jan 16 th

Course ends Apr 12th

Level 1 - 4 Class are from 11-1 pm